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A Scrooge worthy of redemption


In this 200th anniversary of Charles Dickens' birth, there could scarcely be a finer tribute to his legacy than "A Christmas Carol" at Port Jefferson's Victorian-era Theatre Three.


Jeffrey Sanzel's adaptation, now approaching a quarter-century in its evolution, has been revised to clarify the tombstone gravity of Scrooge's as-yet dismal spiritual prospects. Sanzel's finely honed Ebenezer, all humbug but little harm (except to himself), is joined in this graveyard revelation by folks whose lives he might've touched had he let them touch him. The ghost of his Christmases Yet to Come (James Schultz) follows kindred Past (Jacqueline Hughes) and Present (Debbie Starker) spirits in their mission of awakening foretold by the chained specter of Scrooge's business partner, Jacob Marley (wailing Steve McCoy).Each spirit is amplified by Ellen Michelmore's otherworldly sound effects, morphing seamlessly in happier times remembered -- the Fezziwig Christmas party, for instance, at which young Scrooge proposes to Belle -- into 19th-century-and-earlier carols. Doug Quattrock as Scrooge's clerk, Bob Cratchit, endures his boss' wrath with the humility of a patriarch compelled to submit for his meager wage, while Joan St. Onge as Scrooge's housekeeper and Shultz, doubling as his nephew, stoke glimpses into Ebenezer's well-concealed humanity.


Randall Parsons' interior/exterior London set and his costumes with Bonnie Vidal accentuate the period tone, lit to candle effect by Robert Henderson Jr.It's a positively Dickensian "Carol."

"A Christmas Carol"
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