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Book by Marsha Norman Music & Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Based on the novel by Robert James Waller

Performances: September 16 – October 28, 2017 on the Mainstage

Tuesday, July 11, at 7:00 p.m.
Wednesday, July 19, at 7:00 p.m.

 Auditioning strong singer-actors. ALL roles open except Francesca. Prepare 32 bars from the song of your choice; bring sheet music in the proper key; accompanist provided. You may sing from the score. Readings will be from the script [Download sides here]. Callbacks to be determined. Please bring picture/resume. Stipend of $25/performance (for those 18 and older/post high school). Rehearsals to begin in August.

Synopsis. Italian-born Francesca is a dedicated, Iowan housewife, living a simple, yet dispassionate, life. Everything changes when her family goes on a trip to the State Fair in Indianapolis, leaving Francesca behind to take care of the house. Francesca is taken aback by a handsome National Geographic photographer named Robert, who asks for directions to the covered bridges of Madison County. The two connect, starting an emotional four-day love affair that has repercussions long after it’s over. Based on the bestselling novel by Robert James Waller and featuring a lush, Tony award-winning score by Jason Robert Brown that ranges from operatic strains to Americana folk, Bridges of Madison County tells the tale of two people caught between duty and desire.

ROBERT KINCAID. Male, 30’s – 40’s. Ruggedly, handsome, worldly visionary photographer finally getting his own life in focus. Classic folk balladeer. Tenor with a low B (Low B to A above middle C).

RICHARD "BUD" JOHNSON. Male, late 30’s to 40’s. Francesca’s husband, an Iowa farmer, a nice guy, diligent, dependable. Lyric baritone (C below middle C to F# above middle C).

CHARLIE. Male, 40’s – 60’s. Marge’s husband, Francesca’s neighbor. Wry sense of humor and good-natured. Baritone (E below middle C to middle C).

MICHAEL JOHNSON. Male, should appear 15 to 17. Francesca and Bud's son, a strong farm boy that doesn’t want to be a farmer when he grows up. Ten (E below middle c to G# above middle C). [Auditioning actors 16+]

MARGE. Female, 40’s – 60’s. Francesca’s neighbor, sassy and nosy but good-hearted. Alto (G below middle C to 8va).

CAROLYN JOHNSON. Female, should appear 15 to 17. Francesca and Bud's son. Alto (A below middle C to 8va). [Auditioning actresses 16+]

MARIAN/CHIARA/STATE FAIR SINGER. Female, 20’s – 30’s. Robert's former wife, a musician. Very attractive, perhaps a bit bohemian. Also plays Chiara, Francesca's sister still living in Italy, and the state fair singer. Alto (A below middle C to D 8va). If possible, audition song could be in a folk vein (but not essential; so don’t stress it).

Director: Jeffrey Sanzel
Musical Director: Jeffrey Hoffman
Stage Manager: Peter Casdia

The principals will also compose the ensemble and all must be very strong singers. The role of Francesca has been cast.


Saturday   September 16 8:00 pm
Sunday   September 17 3:00 pm
Friday   September 22 8:00 pm
Saturday   September 23 8:00 pm
Sunday   September 24 3:00 pm
Thursday   September 28 8:00 pm
Sunday   October 1 3:00 pm
Friday   October 6 8:00 pm
Saturday   October 7 8:00 pm
Friday   October 13 8:00 pm
Saturday   October 14 8:00 pm
Sunday   October 15 3:00 pm
Wednesday   October 18 2:00 pm
Thursday   October 19 8:00 pm
Friday   October 20 8:00 pm
Saturday   October 21 8:00 pm
Sunday   October 22 7:00 pm
Friday   October 27 8:00 pM
Saturday   October 28 8:00 pm