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Based on the Paramount/RSO Film & the story by Nik Cohn
Adapted for the stage by Robert Stigwood in collaboration with Bill Oaks
North American Version written by Sean Cercone & David Abbinanti
Featuring Songs By The BEE GEES

May 20—June 24, 2017

Sunday, February 12 @ 10:00 a.m. & Sunday, February 19 @ 10:00 a.m.

 Auditioning singer-actor-dancers (ages 16 and up; should appear at least) to create a strong ensemble. ALL roles open except Tony. Prepare 16 bars from the song of your choice; bring sheet music in the proper key; accompanist provided. You may sing from the score. Be prepared to dance. Readings will be from the script. Callbacks to be determined. Please bring picture/resume. Stipend of $25/performance (for those 18 and older/post high school). Rehearsals to begin in April.

Director: Jeffrey Sanzel
Musical Director: Jeffrey Hoffman
Choreographer: Whitney Stone
Assistant Choreographer: Jack Saleeby
Stage Manager: Peter Casdia

[All characters have believable Brooklyn accents.]

BOBBY C. Tenor (Low Bb to A). Plays 18-20, awkward Brooklyn Italian. One of “The Faces” (Tony’s gang). Insecure and needy. A troubled soul who tries too hard. Strong mover with a show-stopping pop voice.

DOUBLE J. Baritone (C to F#). Plays 18-25, handsome Brooklyn Italian lady's man. One of “The Faces” (Tony's gang). Genuinely tough guy, cocky, a criminal in the making. Strong dancer with a good pop voice.

JOEY. Tenor (E to High A). Plays 18-25, Brooklyn Italian goofball, sees himself as worldly. One of “The Faces” (Tony’s gang). Strong dancer with a good pop voice.

GUS. Baritone (E to F Sharp). Plays 18-25, cute Brooklyn Italian. One of “The Faces” (Tony's gang). Bumbling klutz, a little befuddled. A follower. Strong dancer with good pop voice.

MONTY. Baritone (B to High G). Plays 20’s – 40’s. High-energy DJ at the dance club.

STEPHANIE. Mezzo (Bb to F#). Plays 20, extremely beautiful Brooklyn Italian. Projects overconfidence and pretension but is really a simple girl trying to be more than what she came from. Must be genuinely likable. Killer voice and very strong dancer.

ANNETTE. Alto (Low F to C). Plays 18-20, attractive Brooklyn Italian. Innocent, insecure, needy; obsessed with Tony. She tries to mask her vulnerability with toughness. Strong dancer with show-stopping voice.

PAULINE. Alto (Low G to E). Plays 19. Bobby’s sweet and optimistic ex-girlfriend who is hurt by Bobby’s behavior. Strong singer.

CANDY. Mezzo (Middle C to G). Plays 20’s – 40’s. Nightclub singer. Commanding presence with a killer voice.

Additional Roles (which will possibly double in the ensemble):

FRANK SR. Plays 40’s – 60’s. Tony's Brooklyn Italian, iron-fisted father who leads with bloated pride in the face of unemployment.

FRANK JR. Plays 25-30. Tony's brother who is leaving the priesthood. Brooklyn Italian genuine paternal, spiritual energy.

MR. FUSCO. Plays 30’s+. Tony’s boss at the hardware store.

JAY. Plays 20’s – 30’s. Stephanie’s ex-boyfriend. Likable upscale Manhattan-type. (No Brooklyn accent.)

PETE. Any age. Dance instructor who also runs the dance studio.

FLO. Plays 40’s—60’s. Tony’s traditional, very religious Brooklyn-Italian mother.

A strong ENSEMBLE of singer-dancers (late teens to 30’s) who populate the Brooklyn world of 1977 and, most specifically, that of the club 2001 Odyssey.


Saturday Night Fever

Sat., May 20 @ 8 pm
Sun., May 21 @ 7 pm
Fri., May 26 @ 8 pm
Sat., May 27 @ 8 pm
Fri., June 2 @ 8 pm
Sat., June 3 @ 8 pm
Sun., June 4 @ 3 pm
Wed., June 7 @ 2 pm
Thurs., June 8 @ 8 pm
Fri., June 9 @ 8 pm
Sat., June 10 @ 8 pm
Sun., June 11 @ 3 pm
Thurs., June 15 @ 8 pm
Fri., June 16 @ 8 pm
Sat., June 17 @ 8 pm
Sun., June 18 @ 7 pm
Fri., June 23 @ 8 pm
Sat. June 24 @ 8 pm